Blood of a Rose                      Volume 1 

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 Upon the streaks of moonlight guiding his path, the young gentleman hurries to the hole in the ground that was dug a week earlier, hidden by the leaves and brush.  Running, deliberately with every step, trying to reach the river in time to get back without being noticed that his presence was gone. 

His heart begins to pound.  Breathing heavily, looking back, yet running forward.  Sweat begins to roll down his face. His white tailored shirt becomes a blur as he whisks by the grand gardens carrying a cloth package, tucked away tightly, in a hidden pocket. The church bell chimes out in the distance.  It’s a call for evening prayer. 

Finally making his way to the bank of the Powhatan, known now as the James River, there he takes it out and unwraps the cloth to reveal a package wrapped in parchment paper, tied with a piece of twine. He pauses, just for a moment, taking one last look before burying it. 

Quickly, he wraps the cloth back around the parchment. He removes the leaves and  brush and carefully puts the package in the hole covering it to make the ground look undisturbed, just as before. By nears service ends the last church bell chimes and he sprints out towards it, to join the gathering crowd at Bruton Parish from evening prayer. 

In the earth he buries his hopes and his dreams with the belief that one day, his treasure will prove all it’s worth!  

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Winfree's Dream of Hues  

Winfree's Dream of Hues is an overview of Hugh A. Winfree, Jr. ~ The Artist` life & creative works . This collection of art expands over a course of almost 50 years; ranging from the 1940's through the 1980's. Transforming lines into pictures and discarded objects into figures in-the-round. His fascination of ships by the early age of five becomes a growing theme throughout his life's work. Born in Richmond, Virginia's Jackson Ward during the heart of The Great Depression on Friday, May 13, 1932. This art collection has not been shown to the public for 40 years, since Winfree's One - Man - Exhibition at The Franklin House Dormitory in Colonial Williamsburg in the late 50's. His works recently became available again, for public viewing. This book highlights some of those awesome works and the inspiration behind the images.  


Hugh A. Winfree, Jr.  

May 13, 1932  -  March 21, 1992

Born in Jackson Ward during the heart of the Great Depression, Richmond, Virginia

"Prayers of a Widow Woman" 

A Little About Me and a Living Word to My Readers...

Hello, my name is Laverne J. Winfree and these are my prayers; for my family, my personal friends, and for you, my readers.  I was born June 5, 1938 in Norfolk, Virginia unto my parents John and Susan Brown Jamison, in which I was, the seventeenth (17th) child; the baby of the family.  My father was born 1894 and my mother was born October of 1901.  As the youngest of such a large family I was able to learn the gift of giving, led by my father, at an early age.

 My father, John Thomas was a very giving person, benevolent.  We always had enough for everyone and guest to come over. He was independent and worked for himself.  He employed several other men from our area and owned three horses.  Poindexter, a stallion, Sadie, and Nellie complete with stables and wagons, for which he used to sell ice all year round; coal and wood in the fall and winter months.  We had a very large icebox, a double ice box in fact, which held about 75 to 100 pounds of ice. 

I guess you could say he was in the heating and cooling business!  All of my brothers were taught to be longshoremen…fishermen and to be in business for themselves.  My father would bring home all the major foods - meats, veggies, etc.  The milk man would deliver the milk to our house. 

You know, faith without works is null and void.  My father's daily life for his home was bound in "faith with works".



 Prayer of Faith

I am blessed to be victoriously unbreakable through Jesus Christ, Through Christ I remain unshakable and unbreakable. 

Faith is not just a word, but a daily operation within me, Delivering health, wholeness, liberty, freedom, and transformation.

Bringing about change that will prove powerfully effective in me and those that I meet.  Faith is my balance in a world of problems, chaos and disruption.

Faith is my life stream of victory, Faith is my investment in my future positive outcomes, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by The Word of God. 

I desire my faith with what I say and do to exude, Move in other people’s lives that surround me. Lord, transplant and revive in me again unshakable, unbreakable faith, For  I walk by faith and not by sight. 

May my household and all within be all that I need according to your glory God.


Scripture Reading Reference: Romans 10:17 and II Cor. 5:7